CBT Resources

Here are two pretty great books that help regular people use Cognitive Behavioral techniques on their own.  The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris gets into a newer offshoot of CBT, called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  The other book is old-school, but still very helpful.  Feeling Good by David Burns has helped me tremendously with my own automatic thoughts.  Buy either of these using these links and show your support for The Teen Mind.  

Episode 5 - Full Text

He looks up and meets her gaze, and suddenly it’s like his throat is on fire and his heartbeat is smashing against his chest.  Her face is sharp, her mouth small and serious, and in that moment, David is certain he knows what she is thinking.  He can almost hear her thoughts saying, “This paper is pathetic, and I am very disappointed in you, and your parents are disappointed in you, and everyone is disappointed in you.”

Episode 4 - Full Text

“—You think I can control it?  Mom, I’ve been sitting here all day, just trying to tell myself it’s not that big of a deal, that I can get a B in a class and still get into college.  But it won’t go away.  It’s like coming from this part of me that I don’t have any control over!  Don’t you think if I could stop it, I would?”

Episode 3 - Full Text

David is in 2nd grade and he can tell something is not right with his dad.  His dad used to smile a lot and sing Everly Brothers songs all day.  But now, he mostly just sits in his studio, working, and when he comes out, he barely talks.  Some days, he stays in bed until the afternoon. It was like some other person is living in his dad’s body, a really sad person who seems like he hardly cares about David at all. 

Episode 2 - Full Text

I’m a dad.  I have two small children.  And I noticed the other day that whenever I get out of the car after driving my family somewhere, I’m all sweaty, I feel agitated  and a little bit on-edge. My heart rate’s faster, I notice I’ve been gripping the steering wheel like I’m trying to strangle the thing. And y’know you might be thinking: Duh, driving is stressful especially with two small children.  Right, but why does it make me sweat so much and jack up my blood pressure and make me so irritable? 

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David Washburn is 16 and his life is unraveling.  Sheila, his mom, is desperate and thinking: What is happening to my son, and what can I do to help?  The Teen Mind hunts for answers to these questions, while following David and his family as they struggle with his anxiety and anger. 

Not a parent? Don’t worry.  This show is for anyone who is curious about how the mind works, and how to get along better with those closest to you.